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"We aim to open up a world of scientific possibilities by utilizing the power of microfluidics. With modern facilities, we provide researchers and creators, the power to regulate and analyze fluids precisely, for innovative research and developments across a wide range of fields."

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- High-throughput drug screening

- Testing of drug compounds 

- Controlled-release drug delivery

"Empowering Research with Affordable Graphene: Our goal is to make scientific progress more accessible to everyone by offering cost-effective graphene solutions that drive innovation and progress in many different research fields."

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 Our Research

1. Sensors:

- Offers high sensitivity for gas, humidity, strain, and chemical detection.

- Conductive nature and large surface area contribute to sensing capabilities. 

2. Supercapacitors:

- High surface area and conductivity

- Enhances energy storage and rapid charge-discharge cycles.

3. Energy Storage:

- Improves lithium-ion battery performance.

- Enhances energy density and charge rates.

4. Water Treatment:

- Electrochemical properties make it suitable for water treatment.

- Removes contaminants through electrochemical reactions.

5. Wearable Electronics:

- Flexible and conductive nature suitable for wearables.

- Applications in healthcare monitoring and smart textiles.

6. Catalysis:

- Functions as catalyst support in various chemical reactions.

- Benefits processes like water splitting and hydrogen production.

7. Heating Elements:

 - Utilized as an effective heating element.

 - Applied in heated clothing or defogging surfaces.

8. Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) Shielding:

 - Conductivity enables use in EMI shielding applications.

 - Reduces electromagnetic radiation interference.

9. Photodetectors:

 - Exhibits high sensitivity to light.

 - Useful for light detection and imaging applications.

10. Gas Sensing:

 - Conductivity changes in the presence of specific gases.

 - Applied in gas sensing devices for industrial and environmental monitoring.

We Help You in Bringing out your IDEAS into PRODUCTS

"We convert your thoughts into 3D models or bring your existing models to life. We print quickly and accurately, regardless of size, using the colors and materials of your choice!"

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What we can help?

1. Lab Equipment Prototypes:

   - Prototypes for the planed projects

2. Microfluidic Devices:

   - Microchannels and chambers for creating complex fluidic systems for chemical or biological analysis.

   - Microreactors for controlled chemical reactions.

3. Electrical Enclosures:

   - Enclosures for electronic components or sensors used in experimental setups.

   - Customized housing for electronic devices like data loggers or microcontrollers.

4. Optical Components:

   - Mounts for lenses, mirrors, or filters used in optical experiments.

   - Lens hoods or light baffles to control light exposure.

5. Culturing and Analysis Tools:

   - Microbial growth chambers, culture plates, and incubator components.

   - Sample holders for microscopy slides or well plates.

6. Educational Models:

   - 3D-printed models of molecular structures, cells, or other scientific concepts for educational purposes.

7. Fixture for Sample Preparation:

    - Customed holders for securing samples

8. Adapters and Connectors:

    - To connect different types of lab equipment or modify existing instruments

    - Valves, pumps, and connectors for creating fluidic circuits in experiments.

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