Pyrome Innovations is a Spinoff of MMNE Lab

A Dedicated Team is focused on developing existing things at ease & affordability to the Indian Scientific Community.

Our Vision:

To minimize the scientific difficulties by improving the resources at affordable availabilities for Indian Research and development.

Our Mission

To significantly drop the reliance on importing R&D constituents with our high-quality indigenous products. 

Lowering the production cost to enhance related research

Lighten the risk of supply chains and external sources.

Focused Areas Include: Not Limited

1. Microfluidic chips & Microfluidics driven Nanotechnology: we produce Silver Nanoparticles in < 1 second

2. Laser patterns of Graphene for PoC Sensors: we produce graphene on just filter papers

3. Your Ideas into Prototypes: 3D Printing: we take up the design to help or a design to prototype

4. Point of Care Devices and Sensors are our prominence: Preferred for Project Commitments

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